Ep. 1 – The Reboot

The Arnett Show is back and better than ever! This is the NEW Episode 1 of The Arnett Show. Follow the program on Twitter. Follow Aaron on Twitter.

  • Donald Trump is being called a racist by congress members after a set of tweets over the weekend.
  • The Disney Company has been under attack by one of the granddaughters of Walt “Mr. Mickey” Disney regarding worker happiness and pay disparities.
  • As of recording this podcast, over 1.1 million Americans have signed up to storm Area 51 this fall. 
  • Alligators may have learned how to do meth in Alabama.
  • Four children drove over 600 miles before being stopped by Police in the Australia.
  • Attention Outrage culture: Another beloved movie character might be different than before!
  • The Not-So-Accurate History of Bowling!