When a 29-Year-Old Man Learns to Sew

I’m in my (Lord willing) penultimate semester at Fresno State. In over 4 years of college experience, I’ve not really learned much of anything, except for the seemingly common route most professors at Fresno State take: they go off to graduate school in Los Angeles or San Francisco, try to be a professor there and don’t make the cut. So then they come back home and spread their vile disease of thought in our university.

With that said, this semester I’ve actually learned how to do some practical things in college. These two videos are the proof of that. Enjoy!

Ep. 10 New Year New Something

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Happy New Year from The Arnett Show! Like us on Facebook! On this week’s program Aaron talks about the 2019 direction of the podcast. What the media won’t tell either side D or R about what’s really going on. The Eagles made it to the playoffs! And what to do about New Year’s Resolutions.

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Ep. 9 Christmas Special!

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Can anyone tell me what Christmas is really all about? The Arnett Show can!

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Ep. 8 Santa’s Mixed Bag

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This week Aaron talks about how a college professor had a freak out, how there’s too many football leagues now, and Brianna joins him to talk about the perfect Christmas light display. Like us on Facebook, give us a 5 star rating, and subscribe!

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